Matti is a graphic designer by trade and has been working in Bristol and the South West for over 20 years. Working in the design, media and print industry he thrives on the passion and thrills of concepts and designs. He is influenced by the urban art and culture scene along with worldwide travel. All these amalgams of emotions, colours, and rhythms are articulated through an impromptu process using his hands as his tools.

Working with a variety of mediums and techniques Matti has an ever changing and developing personal style. This style drives his desire to photograph, paint, draw, spray, sketch, scratch and burn, presenting his unique images to the world.

His art is influential, dynamic and full of rich multi-coloured collaborations of styles and techniques.

“I still love to use all the elements to produce a piece. Taking photographs, cross developing and then digitising. I add extra elements to the piece by montarging several images, filters and effects. I output a form on to canvas, glicee or UV print. I add inks, paints, stencil spray can, acrylics, graphic pens and then rescan. I then add more effects and filters then reprint and so on and so on. The hardest thing is to know when to stop. Starting one piece for me can end up creating entire collections.“

Matti’s style has been described as a wonderfully heady mix of lounge art, hotel realism and dreamy abstract pieces mixed with film media, interference patterns and salvaged photocopies from 70’s Japanese architecture magazines. A notorious artist knowing no limitations or boundaries, he loves to work with all forms of styles and techniques.

He creates unique art in many shapes and forms from 60’s burlesque mosaic prints, dessert landscapes, Las Vegas chic to oil painted abstracts and individual graffiti styled urban art.

He uses unique depictions of contemporary culture in a distinctive and progressive style to create visually-stimulating art. A true renaissance man, who is capable of not only tackling new media but of making them his own.